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Written and Delivered by Sis. Jezreel Dawn “Jeje” S. Tan

Photo Credit: Ptr. Rud and Maam Gj Lumaad

NCF which stands for Nonthaburi Christian Fellowship, I can boldly say that I am proud to be a part of Gods family here in NCF. We may be away from our biological family but here we have felt belongingness that made this fellowship a home away from home. I’m so thankful that this fellowship was founded in God’s love and through this we all have learn to love each other in spite of all our differences and short comings. This church has never failed to show Gods love and forgiveness to each other. Ive been through many churches since i was a kid with that i mean in literally since I’m a pastor’s kid, so moving from one church to another is my life but I’ve never seen and experience the bond that we have for each other here in NCF. I am also blessed that we have a church family that never think twice in helping each other, may it be spiritual when one feels cold in their spiritual life or physically when one gets sick, emotionally when one needs lifting up and even financially when there is an urgency of need. Whenever a new comer from Pinas joins us, it is fondly said that nobody in NCF has become jobless, all of us gets a job, its not because we have an agency of teachers or what, but it’s because everybody has the heart to help. Every member without a job or maybe looking for job is everybody’s concern and to be prayed for and any job landed is our relief and thanksgiving to God. The camaraderie that we have, is one thing that i can never exchange with anything, it is bounded by the love of God and the love of everyone for the ministry given to all of us. I along with my family has experienced so much love from our NCF family and that love that we will never get tired of replacing. With all of this I thank God for all of you because you’re one of the biggest blessing and to be a part of all of you is one of the greatest opportunity He had given us. To all of these To God be the glory . Happy 4 th year anniversary!Let us keep the fire burning in our hearts as we wait for the coming of Lord Jesus Christ.