by: Jezreel Dawn Senina Tan
Every ministry starts from a heart whom God touch. 8 years ago i recalled pastor and I flew here in Thailand with a burden to help in God’s ministry . For  years Pastor Tonieth volunteered as pastor in one of our missionary church here in Thailand along with some of us here. Before the 6th year, the Lord has put a burden to pastor to open another church. Just thinking of it made us cry already as we know where we are at that moment in our comfort zone. Many months of fear and sadness troubled us with thought of living our current church. It was one of the church activity where Pastor Selorio preach about ” sometimes we have to live our comfort zone and be scattered and be an instrument of where God will use us” it was only then that we confirmed Gods plan for us. With that confirmation many concerns came to us, as we know its not easy to start a church. But if God plans for His work,  He will provide for everything. It was one Sunday during lunch time it is very clear in my mind when Maam Avin sat beside me with a teary eye and said ” you are leaving? Can i apply as your pianist?” I was so surprised but at the same time overwhelmed. We have now a pianist but we have no building yet. We are only praying for it when one Sunday at the back of our church before, ate Sally came to me and told me that they are going to open a school along with the church, in that way our rent won’t be that heavy. Again i was surprised. Quite hesitant at first with different thoughts running in our mind but we know God has put a burden in this people the same as what He had put in ours.We ask permission from our church without any perspective on where to open a church yet. We’ve tried to look for a building along with the De Paz family and Joanna. It wasn’t easy, it was very hot and believe me we never targeted for a simple place but instead point on buildings that are big and presentable .It was because we know in our hearts we have a big God. It was when ate sally saw the ad of a building that says for rent.Concerns were raised about the building and it was one Saturday afternoon that we closed the deal with the owner. The building is no other than where we are right now. The building is provided, the pianist is provided and comes our first Sunday may 8,2011. We’ve invited people to come. Our first speaker was Pastor Gilmore ,it was a fruitful first Sunday morning as many had joined us visitors from Baguio that went along with pastor Gilmore. I remembered him saying that If God opens a ministry ,He will surely make it grow and He will provide for it. It was a big encouragement and comfort for us. Second Sunday came and it was late in the morning already as were trying to wait for some people that we have invited human as we are we felt discouraged and there is only around 7 of us not including the children. Then 3rd Sunday still the number is not getting bigger. We’ve shared our frustrations and wonder if we really made a right decision. Chairs started to break as it was only made of cheap plastics.The church flooring doesn’t have anything in it except cement coating we brought in carpets to at least make it presentable, no air con. i remember 2 electric fans is facing one side and the other one facing the other side. Sometime you get scared of maybe some cars have bump each other because of a very clear sound of car breaks and sometimes we have to close the window even without aircon to avoid being distracted by the street noise. But our God is faithful, He gave us strength inspite of all the frustrations. We are always reminded of the reminder on our first Sunday. Together with the pioneers of this church, we pressed on. We stood by it and by God’s blessings more were led to the church and more people are used to provide for all the church needs. Ministries to unite christian Filipinos was initiated, social works were included in the plan, reaching out the Thais through English, ministering to our fellow Filipinos in a construction site these and many more are evidences that God is truly faithful. We have hold on to each other inspite of frustrations, personal differences, misunderstandings and even in sickness we’ve been there for each other and only because Gods love covers us.And now celebrating 2nd year of God faithfulness to NCF, just second year I can’t afford but to thank God for everything that He has done to us here in NCF. He has showered us with faithful men and women of God. In behalf of my husband we would like to thank you all for making yourself available for His ministry. God has not just touch one or two lives but many because of your love for His work. To all of this To God be the glory!