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SIH TOTT ICON1.  “Messiah” comes from Hebrew word:  “mashiyach” which means “to anoint, to rub, to apply”.
2.  The meaning of the word Messiah is brought into the New Testament by use of the Greek word “christos” which is translated “Christ”

Therefore Old Testament title “Messiah” is equivalent to the New Testament title “Christ”….. “He first findeth his own brother Simon, and saith unto him, We have found the MESSIAS, WHICH IS, BEING INTERPRETED, THE CHRIST”
(John 1:41)

We find that there are three different Jewish offices that used the act of anointing to place an individual in the postion of service to God….
1. prophet
2. priest
3. king

By recognizing Jesus as THE “Messiah” or THE “Christ” it is saying that He is THE Anointed One, in other words the Ultimate, Superior Holder of the offices of Prophet, Priest and King.   Christ was publicly declared to hold these three…

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