pastor_curtis_hutsonNobody knows when he is going to die. You may say, “I don’t like to hear talk about death.” Well, when people quit dying, I will quit talking about death. You don’t like to hear about death because you know you are not right with God. If you want to hear a little, quiet sermonette on Sunday morning, you are in the wrong place.If you say, “I don’t like all this hellfire preaching,” you too are in the wrong place.

Billy Sunday said, “If we had more preaching on Hell from the pulpit, we would have less Hell in the congregation.”

There is more in the Bible about Hell than there is about Heaven. Jesus preached more on Hell than any preacher who has ever lived! He just kept on saying, “You will go to Hell! The worm never dies! The fire is not quenched! It is a real place!” He continually warned men to stay out of Hell.

In this congregation sits a young man. I led him to Christ; I led his wife to Christ; I led his daughter to Christ. I spoke to him about two Sunday mornings ago at the door in the back, and I heard him tell this story.

He was so burdened about his brother, in his twenties, that he took off from work and went to Florida to try to lead him to Christ. He said to his brother, “I’m saved, and I want you to be saved. I want to tell you how to get saved.”

They prayed. As he tried to show his brother how to get saved, his brother laughed at him! “I’m young. I have plenty of time to get saved later on. Leave me alone! I am just in my twenties!”

This man came back to Atlanta brokenhearted because his brother wouldn’t accept Christ.

A week later his brother picked up a hitchhiker. The hitchhiker picked up a revolver and unloaded six shots into him and dumped him out in the desert in Florida.

He was found a few weeks later and brought back here. I conducted his funeral. When I stood over that casket, I could almost hear him say, “Leave me alone! I’m young! I am just in my twenties! I have plenty of time to get saved later on!”

So far as we know, he is now in Hell!

There is the danger of sudden death; you don’t know when you will die.

President Coolidge’s son went out and played tennis. A blister came on his heel, and in a few hours’ time he was dead with blood poison. You don’t know when death may strike you.

Dr. George Truett was saved as a child. When he was a young man, they were having a revival. He invited a school chum to go to the revival with him. The chum went.

George Truett said to him after the preacher had preached, “Now, will you trust Christ as your Saviour?”

The boy said, “Let me alone, George. Leave me alone, George. Not tonight, George. I’ll go tomorrow.”

George said, “Will you come back tomorrow?”

“Yes, I’ll come back tomorrow. But leave me alone tonight, George. Not tonight; tomorrow.”

George Truett said he went back to the meeting the next night, but the young fellow wasn’t there; the fourth night he wasn’t there.

George went to check on him. He knocked on the door. The boy’s mother came to the door, and George said, “Where is So-and-so?”

“He took sick that night after he left the service. He has pneumonia. The doctor says he may not pull through. Nobody has been let in to see him. But you and he were very close friends, George, and I think it is all right for you to see him.”

George Truett said, “I walked in. I saw his lips moving. I wanted to hear what he was saying. He had a very high fever and was almost out of his mind. I leaned my ear over to his mouth to hear what he was saying, and it was, ‘Not tonight, George. Not to-night, George. Leave me alone, George. I will go some other time, but not tonight, George.’”

This young man died and went to Hell!

There is the danger of sudden death.

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