From "Baptizing in the Jordan" by Si...

From “Baptizing in the Jordan” by Silas X. Floyd (1869-1923) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why do many Baptists today lack understanding of what it means to be a Baptist? Several factors likely have contributed to this lack of knowledge:

* BYPU, BTU, Training Union, and Church Training held on Sunday evenings in churches (the name differed in different eras of Baptist life, but the aim of each was to “make disciples”) emphasized Baptist doctrine, practice, and history, but they no longer exist.

* A multitude of people have joined Baptist churches in recent years from other denominations, and others have come with little or no church background. In both cases, their knowledge of Baptist beliefs and practices is usually limited.

* Some Baptist churches provide little or no help for members to
understand what it means to be a Baptist Christian and a Baptist

* Some persons believe that denominations are either a
thing of the past or of little importance. (The fact is that the
Baptist denomination is growing, not fading away, and
denominational differences are important.)